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Preventive Orthodontics is an orthodontic practice which relates to educating the patient and parent in order to prevent the onset of Malocclusion( Irregular Arrangement of Teeth).

What is Preventive Orthodontics?

Preventive orthodontics determines the supervision of teeth development in children and growth of their facial structures, to identify ,treat and eliminate any abnormal event that takes place to prevent irregular development of teeth and abnormal development of facial structures

Whom should preventive orthodontics be applied to?

It is applied to growing children (3-12 years of age)with milk teeth and mixed teeth( milk teeth and few permanent teeth).during this stage preventive procedures are much simplified, which obtain stable results and less retention problems.

Advantages of preventive orthodontics

  • Treatment is much simplified

  • Stability of the treatment is better

  • The growth factor of the child can be helpful for the treatment

  • Early treatment also avoids the psychological problems of having irregular teeth

  • Improved appearance can build up confidence in an individual.

Steps in preventive orthodontics

  1. Educating the parent

  2. Control of decay

  3. Taking care of milk teeth

  4. Maintaining the timetable if the tooth are falling off at the right age

  5. Maintaining a check on child if they have any habits of thumb sucking, mouth breathing, nail biting, lip biting

  6. Removal of any extra tooth

  7. Maintaining the space for permanent

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