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Most of us are aware of wisdom teeth in our oral cavity , it is the third molar that erupts last ,which is around when the individual is 17 years of age, Hence the name "Wisdom tooth".

The wisdom teeth may or may not erupt in the same pattern like other molars in one's oral cavity. The eruption of wisdom tooth in an improper direction may lead to problems like

1. Pericoronitis - inflammation, swelling and redness in the gum surrounding the wisdom tooth

2. Cavities- As there would be less access to clean , the wisdom teeth are more at risk for cavities.

3. Alignment issues: Due to the improper eruption of the wisdom tooth , the jaw may be overcrowded and there may be misalignment of the teeth.

wisdom teeth removal is a minor surgical procedure and an absolutely safe procedure when performed under expertise. Yet, there might be a slight discomfort after the extraction for a couple of days which is also taken care of by the medications prescribed by the doctor.

The patient is advised to pause the intake of hot , spicy foods for a few days after the treatment as advised by the doctor, and visit for a follow-up after 1 week of extraction.

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